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What is Web Hosting and why it’s necessary for a website?

why a web hosting is necessary for your site

Web hosting is a service and technology needed for a web page or a website to be viewed on the internet.  The best web hosting is used for all online businesses whether it is a small business or large business. It is a service that allows organizations and individuals to post a website on the internet. In a simple language, we can say that it is a business in which you can pay for all the services needed for creating a website. Best Web hosting provides you online space on the internet where you store the whole data of your website. However, websites are stored on special computers known as servers.

When every user wants to view your website online they need to type your web address or domain in their search engine or browser. Their browser requests the server to open that website. After the approval by the server that website will deliver to them through the browser. Your web host is responsible for things like keeping the server up, running, protecting from cyber-attacks and their maintenance.

Why web hosting is necessary for a website?

People think that only registering the domain name is good enough to get a website online. Domain name is good as your unique name. What they fail to understand that, by domain name, others can only recognize you not addressed you. I have an example for you if you buy a house and registered their name like villas etc. But by saying it only villas is not understandable for them to come to you. They need a proper address that the address of your website is known as web hosting.

What features to look for in a Web Host

Now you know about what web hosting is. There are many web hosting services like dedicated hosting, Cloud hosting, shared hosting, etc. But you have to choose which one is comfortable for you. Here are the features to look for:

  1. High Reliability and Uptime: Reliability and uptime refer to the amount of time your website will be available online. Your server has to up all-time when the traffic suddenly comes to your site. Many people suffer down the server at that time when they needed it the most. After that their site traffic will continuously decreasing due to this problem. If you want to available online all the time for your customers. Verify their hosting uptime policy correctly with any sort of guarantee.

What is Web Hosting and why it’s necessary for a website

  1. Bandwidth and Disk Space: Bandwidth and storage is an important factor of web hosting services. Bandwidth is a process in which the amount of traffic and number of page views can be handled by your website per month. Many of the hosting providing companies offer you the unlimited bandwidth but keep in mind that might not really mean Let’s take an example if you have 50 MB of bandwidth and your whole site is of 10 MB. Every visitor who goes through your website using 2 MB of bandwidth. It means your site can accommodate 20 visitors. When the bandwidth limit is reached you suffer from denying access for more visitors and more charge.
  2. Disk space is the amount of data you can store on your website like text, videos, audios, images, etc. If you have low storage you have to face some difficulties like slowing down your website to open etc.
  3. Domain support: Domain support means if you need more domain or subdomains in the future to add. Your hosting service can manage all these domains or subdomains automatically for you on a single platform. You can access them from the admin panel whenever you need. That admin panel is also known as C-panel.
  4. Scalability: Scalability is the most important term in the web hosting plan. From your first hosting plan where you start to the time where your visitor’s growth increases. At that time you need to increase or update your website scalability. So whenever you choose to host plan you have to sure that in future you can upgrade your website scalability. So that you can handle future situation easily.

Customer Support:

This is what you have to check first while purchasing a hosting If you purchase a hosting service from the non-responsive provider. You put yourself in a tough situation. In the future, your website traffic is more from your expectations but suddenly your website goes offline or in maintenance and you have to try to contact your customer support but due to non-responsive personality. You suddenly put yourself in a burden of great loss. So be careful while choosing a web hosting plan.

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