What is SSL and why do I need it?

SSL Cretificate

Do you know what is SSL and what’s the benefit of using it? SSL refers to Secure Socket Layer and its also known as a digital certificate. It is essentially a protocol that provides a secure channel between two machines operating over the Internet or an internal network.SSL is an online security technology it helps to prevent hackers and other activities. It creates a secure layer between you and the website, so the data will be safe while sharing data. All data transfer/sharing are done using encryption and decryption method.

SSL secures a website and the user in the time of the online transaction, data transfer, logins or pays for any shopping sites online. SSL is a must for e-commerce websites, banking websites, business websites. SSL certificate creates a secure environment for users

Why do I need it?

SSL certificate is an important part of Webhosting that helps to build trust with users. The reason why many Webhosting providers offer free SSL certificate with hosting is as below:

  1. SSL secure user’s private data like Credit/Debit/Netbanking credentials.
  2. Login details like username and password.
  3. Personal information like Name, Mobile no., Address, any many more details
  4. SSL Secure web forms from man-in-middle attack
  5. Help to rank your website in Google SERP (search engine result page)
  6. Gives your site a speed bumps
  7. Helps to create a brand value
  8. SSL Secures your website and decreases your website bounce rate.

How  Does SSL work step by step?

Here are steps by step to how SSL works.

  • The sender sends a mail, plain text, or any other details.
  • Cryptographic convert data into an encrypted format
  • Before the receiver, receive the encrypted data cryptographic decrypt it into plain text again.
  • The receiver gets the plain text in the end.

How does SSL work are given in image that shows below:

What Is SSL

What is the difference between an SSL connection and an SSL session?

SSL connection SSL session
·        A transient peer-to-peer communications link. ·        A session is an association between client and server.
·        Each connection is associated with one SSL session. ·        It is created by the Handshake Protocol.
  ·        It defines a set of security parameters.
  ·        It may be shared by multiple SSL connections.
  ·        It is useful to avoid expensive negotiations of security parameters for each connection. A single session has many connections. Every connection has a different key.

How do I get SSL?

Step 1.  Choose a certificate authority

You need to choose a well trusted CA. The CA will vet your credentials against the level of encryption you seek. Upon approving your application, they are then responsible for issuing the certificate and associated keys to you.

Step 2. Purchase and Verify Your SSL Certificate

Choose your web hosting plan carefully. When you buy a web hosting plan check the features which are Webhosting providers gives you SSL free certificate or not. Then buy Webhosting and ask your host to activate it. This is the initiate the verification process.

Step 3. Log into your WHM.

Step 4. Install Your SSL Certificate

Here are some easy steps to install the SSL certificate. When you install SSL you have to complete the approval process.

Step 5. Choose the domain name protected by the SSL certificate, your key and you should receive the latter two from your CA.

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