Does Green Web Hosting Really Works & What Are Its Benefits?

Choose Best Green Web Host

We don’t consider the internet as a pollutant but every second someone spends browsing a simple website estimates 20-milligram carbon dioxide is produced. But it is worse when comes to a complex site that can produce up to 300 milligrams per second. And there are approx. 3.5 billion users around the world are browsing the internet. We should take a step for preventing it and thankfully there is a very easy solution we have. Green web hosting is one of the best solutions to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide generate due to internet browsing.

How Does Internet Works?

Internet is a carbon-emitting beast that generates carbon dioxide. We know that every site needs a server in a Datacenter to be hosted on the internet. And all the videos, images, applications and web pages we access stored in the datacentre. Did you know that there are roughly 70 million servers in the world? And each server needs electricity to keep it powered up as well as to keep it cool. Typically electricity comes from burning fossil fuels.

How Does Green Web Hosting Help?

Green web hosting is a type of hosting offered by many companies. Actually, it is an eco-friendly hosting that is powered by renewable energy up to 300%. As we have discussed that datacentres that need a huge amount of energy to keep websites up and running. And this process is done when non-renewable fuels that carbon and can say other pollutants. In other hands, datacentres of green web hosts are entirely powered by renewable energy.

Green Web Hosting

How Keep Datacentres Cool?

It is simple to know that datacentre uses a huge amount of energy and needs to be cool as well. In most of the Datacentres, the server room is kept in an extremely cool environment. But the servers produce a huge amount of hot air due to the heavy load of internet activities. Keeping cool the servers allows systems to work much more efficiently. And web hosts like GreenGeeks have gone a step further with green web hosting services. And if you are not sure where to host your site that is powered by green web hosting then it easy to find.

How To Find Best Green Web Hosting Provider?

Well if you have made your mind to host your site with the green web host and searching for a best green hosting provider. Then here we’ll help you to get the best web host. There are numerous companies are providing green hosting like Kualo, GreenGeeks, A2 Hosting and many more with the best deals.

Top 5 green web hosts

  • GreenGeeks
  • iPage
  • inMotion
  • Dreamhost
  • Kualo

All these web hosts where you will find the best green hosting services in your budget. You can also find the best deals like GreenGeeks Coupon, and more offers. So make your green hosting affordable and experience the best services and speed. So don’t go for a mean web hosting just go for a green web hosting today.

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