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1 And 1 Web Hosting

1and1 web hosting

1&1 is the world’s best web hosting company, which was established 26 years ago. and become the US country’s top five web hosting provider in September 2008. And started to provide the worldwide range of web hosting product that includes email service and high-end servers in many countries. 1&1 Web Hosting serves many services, from domain registration to web hosting, website building, cutting-edge technology and technical support.

The company aims to provide the best and cheapest web hosting service and gives every available resource to their users.  1And1 Web Hosting Service available in many countries along with Germany, US, Spain and the Great Britain. and more than 7000 employees that work for it around the world. 1&1 serves the broad range of web hosting services for private users and also provides high-end products for small and medium-sized businesses. And also provides the cloud hosting and web server for multiple tasks. 1&1  products are hosted in hight conduct, green data centers in the USA and Europe. And its group handles more than 19 million domains names.

Features & Extensive Service Of 1&1 Web Hosting

1&1 Web Hosting

There are so many features that provided by 1&1 web hosting that also integrates with e-commerce apps. And also servers storage and bandwidth features and aw well as featured with its every plan, 1&1 is very transparent about its package details.

  • Storage and Bandwidth: according to the plans, when you choose its basic plan you will get the storage limit 100GB and 2.5GB RAM bandwidth, and can handle 100 visitors per minute in the basic plan. The company is featured with its performance and speed aspect of its service. And if you choose unlimited plus an unlimited pro you will get unlimited storage and bandwidth and it can be a bit expensive than a basic plan. The plan you have chosen is expected to stay within a reasonable range according to your preferred plan.
  • Security: 1&1 web hosting company is mainly featured with its heightened security. Here the customers will be assured with SSL credential, data recovery services, DDoS protection, geo-redundancy, daily backups and redundant network connectivity.
  • Cancellation Service: the service you hired can be canceled without paying any additional charges. And you can get a refund if you cancel it before first 30 days. But remember one thing that 30-day refund guarantee is only exercisable to your first year working with the business.

What Kind of Web Hosting Service Provided by 1 And 1

Many types of hosting services are provided by 1&1 web hosting such as cloud hosting, site builders, and WordPress hosting and all these different kinds of hosting plans comes with different kinds of packages and features. The company manages cloud hosting with is most suited for an e-commerce site. As we all know that an e-commerce website needs the high security of its data files, so cloud hosting is reliable for e-commerce sites. And the site builders is for beginners. Site builder is a tool that allows building your site with your preferable template easily. 1$ web hosting is one of the leading web hostings so start your business with 1&1 web hosting and experience the services provided by the company.

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